As a makeup artist (and complete makeup addict) – I know good product when I see and feel it.  I’m used to buying what would be considered ‘premium’ brands, such as Bobbi Brown, Mac and Estee Lauder for my kit. I buy these brands because of the quality of the products – do they last? […]

As a makeup artist who does mostly wedding work and an Independent Skincare Consultant, brides often ask me how they can get their skin ready for their wedding day. I have to say, it’s a sensible question, because great makeup starts with great skincare, and if you take care of your skin, your makeup will […]

Hello. As most of you know I am passionate about all things makeup. It can enhance natural beauty and best of all make all women feel confident and ready to take on anything! This year, is makeup and skincare brand Mary Kay’s 50th Anniversary and to celebrate they are holding a makeup makeover competition which […]

Hello, I was a lipgloss only girl until a few years ago, when I fell in love with lipstick – matt ones, nude ones, bright ones – love them all! Only thing I thought was, it’s hard to get it to last – you don’t want it to feather, crack, or lose it’s vivid colour […]

Hello! Happy New Year! It was my birthday a few weeks ago and I was given 2 Mary Kay eyeliners much to my delight. I have so far been very impressed with them and wanted to spread the love with a review. I have two shades, Dark Denim, which is almost black but has a […]

Earlier this year, I was fortunate enough, at my friend’s wedding, to sit next to a lovely female who got chatting to me about all things makeup and skincare. Having told her I was a makeup artist, she started chatting to me about Arbonne, the Swiss skincare and makeup brand that’s causing a beautiful storm […]

A client who is soon to attend her Christmas night out asked me for some advice on creating copper coloured smokey eyes using the Urban Decay Naked1 palette, which is on of my all-time fave eyeshadow collections! So hopefully this will inspire you to re-create the look yourself using these or similar eyeshadows! Any comments […]