The Best Red Lipsticks

I wrote a new Evening Times column earlier this week, raising awareness of The Red Lippy Project which encourages women to wear red lippy to promote the importance of cervical screenings.

In theme with the charity, I listed my pick of the best red lipsticks.

You can see what they were, by reading the article here.

What’s your personal favourite when it comes to red lippy?! Do tell!

Kirstin x



  1. I Am a new mary kay consultant
    I love mary kay and have uesed the products forever. I am finishing up my makeup artistry. Certification. Mary ky has a no touxh client policy… do you do your clients makeup because you are a certified artist….? Ot does the no touch apply to parties?

    1. Hello! Thanks for your comment. The products are great! If a client books a makeup party they do their own makeup. It’s the best way for them to learn and get a feel for if they like the products. I have seperate Mary Kay makeup which I use as part of my professional kit which has a wide range of brands in it. Good luck with your makeup business!

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