10 Reasons to have a Mary Kay Party

In a recent post, I told of my love for top selling US makeup brand, Mary Kay. Following use of their products in my personal makeup bag and professional makeup kit, I became an Independent Beauty Consultant so that I could ensure that other makeup lovers got to experience the brand and it’s fab products.

Over the last few months, I’ve been holding Mary Kay Makeup Parties, which have been great fun, and I’ve had great feedback on them. Many of you might be thinking of hosting such a party, either with myself, or with the consultant in your area. So, I decided to give you 10 reasons to host a makeup party and hopefully by the end of the blog post you’ll be on to me or your consultant to book your own!


#1 – Try Before you Buy

Ever bought a makeup or skincare product from a counter, got home and thought ‘that’s the wrong colour’ or, ‘that doesn’t actually feel great on my skin’? It’s easy to buy makeup off first impressions, or off an artist from a counter trying it on your skin, but then often we get home and realise it’s not the product we were after! The beauty of a Mary Kay party is that YOU can try the products on YOURSELF! What this means is that you can review the quality, the colour, and assess if you’re comfortable applying it yourself without the qualified makeup artist being there to do it. The try before you buy reason is definitely top of my list! Also you’ll get much more attention than you’d get sitting at a counter in a shop, I guarantee!

#2 – Feel Comfortable!

Your Independent Consultant will most likely come to your house for your Mary Kay party, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy using the products. It also means you don’t need to sit on a stool at makeup counter and have all your makeup removed and sit there bare faced in public – so this situation is perfect for those of you who are nervous about taking off makeup or trying makeup in public.


#3 – Experiment with looks

A lot of people say to me at these parties ‘oh I’ve always wanted to try purple eyeshadow’ or ‘hmm I wonder if I’d suit bright red lips’ – well, your Mary Kay makeup party offers the perfect chance for you to experiment! Why? Because you’re not out in public, if you mess up applying it and the colour is not for you, take it off and try a different one!

#4 – Get free gifts!

We all love a freeby, don’t we?! As a thank you, I offer my hosts a free product to choose from the Mary Kay catalogue, many other beauty consultants will do this too. Ask your nearest consultant about her current offers, you could earn product for free!935504_439017272854575_874601042_n

#5 – Free night of fun!

Too skint to have girls night out? Then have girls night in! I, like many other of my fellow consultants, don’t charge for your Mary Kay party. So get the girls round, buy in some wine and nibbles, and have a fun night in that won’t break the bank!

#6 – Get great advice

As a makeup artist, I love sharing top tips on choosing colours and applying products. Hosting a Mary Kay party offers the perfect opportunity for you to learn and become more confident when it comes to applying your makeup. Consultants are given training on makeup and skincare so like me they’ll be able to give you some great advice. You’ll also learn about the importance of skincare and what works for your skin type too. Hooray!

#7 – 100% Customer Satisfaction

Mary Kay is one of very few makeup brands to offer 100% customer satisfaction. Have you ever tried taking a used makeup product back to a counter in a department store? Good luck! Not with Mary Kay, if you’re not happy with the product or it’s faulty, you can speak to your consultant and get a replacement or a refund – seriously, how amazing is that?! The brand put such emphasis on customer satisfaction, chances are you’ll feel far more valued than you do with many other retail brands.

#8 Personal Makeup advice for life!

If you host a makeup party and choose to buy any products (which you’re as a matter of company principal absolutely not forced to), you become that consultant’s valued customer for life. So when you’re skin needs change, or you’re going to a special occasion and need a new makeup look, your consultant is right there to help you and give you personal advice. You’ll feel like a celebrity!

#9 Feel Pampered and Fabulous

You’re going to get the chance to try amazing skincare and makeup products – trust me you’re going to feel fabulous and pampered. I love that makeup can make you look and feel amazing, and at the end of a Mary Kay party, you will feel amazing! I always go round the table and get everyone to compliment each other, because lets face it, us girls need a boost every so often don’t wee! All of a sudden women see cheek bones they never thought they had, or their blue eyes just go POP! I can’t even call doing a makeup party work, that would be cheating – I have too much fun!

#10 – Because there’s not a reason not to have some girly fun!

The question should really be, why not host a party? You’ve nothing to lose really! It’s fun, it’s free, it’s in the comfort of your own home and it’s a great way to spend time with friends and family. We all need to take a break sometimes, and I guarantee this is the perfect way to do it!

So there you have it, my 10 reasons to host a Mary Kay party! If you’re interested in finding out more about Mary Kay parties and you’re in the West of Scotland, you can email me on makeup@kirstinalexandra.co.uk if you’re in another area, visit www.marykay.co.uk in the UK to find your nearest consultant, or if you’re outside of the UK, visit www.marykay.com now!

Have any of you hosted a party before? What did you love about it? Or if you’re a consultant, what would be reason number 11? All comments and questions welcome!

If you’d like to see the range of products you can try at a Mary Kay party, visit my site, click here.


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