Mary Kay Makeup and Skincare

As a makeup artist (and complete makeup addict) – I know good product when I see and feel it. 

I’m used to buying what would be considered ‘premium’ brands, such as Bobbi Brown, Mac and Estee Lauder for my kit. I buy these brands because of the quality of the products – do they last? Are they easy to apply? Do they blend well onto the skin? I also assess the colours available, as it’s important to keep up with colour trends and have a wide variety available in your kit – because you never know what job you’re walking into! I’m not typically brand loyal – I hear of people only buying Mac for example. That’s not me, because I genuinely feel that each brand has different things to offer and different strengths.

ImageAbove: Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover – one of my favourite products from the brand, and the best eye makeup remover I’ve used!

I always judge a makeup or skincare product by its own merits, NOT by what brand’s on the label (the same principal I apply to buying clothes, shoes and bags!) So, I was very intrigued when a number of years ago I was invited by my Aunt to a Mary Kay cosmetics party. I was also excited, because, being the makeup maddy I am, I knew I’d get to sample some products! Now I had never heard of the brand – although I’ve since then discovered the company has been going for 50 years, and is among the top 10 cosmetics brands in the US and is enjoying international success after being setup by the wonderful Mary Kay Ash and her family.

ImageAbove: Natural, glowing Mary Kay makeup I did on lovely Stacey earlier this year

Anyway – at this party I enjoyed trying numerous skincare and makeup products. I was impressed, they offered a great range of high quality products. Amongst them, I particularly loved the Mary Kay liquid concealer – which now has a permanent place in my professional kit as my best ever concealer that hides a multitude of blemishes! I also loved the eyeshadows and highlighters. My other family members, old and young, also loved what the brand had to offer. Now I have to say, Susan whom I’ve since become friends with played a huge part in this – she was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and I could see genuinely loved the products. From that party onwards, I bought and enjoyed using a number of Mary Kay cosmetics products, including one of my favourites – Rich Jade Eyeliner, which I blogged about earlier this year if you’d like to read!

Why do I love Mary Kay? Because the brand offer great quality products, without the premium price tags. Many of the products I love offer just as good if not better quality as some of the brands, such as Bobbi Brown and Mac that I mentioned above offer.

ImageIn fact, I thought the products were so good, that I added to my makeup artistry business by joining the company as an Independent Beauty Consultant in February 2013. This allows me to spread the word of the brand, allowing women in Scotland the chance to try these fab products, even before they buy them. It also means that I can offer clients the chance to purchase some of the makeup I use on them. The company is incredibly encouraging and supportive and I’ve enjoyed meeting some really inspirational women who’ve built a fantastic career through working for this cosmetics brand.  I offer makeup lessons, skincare parties, makeup parties and Mary Kay makeovers using these great products. I’m always delighted when I get someone who has never heard of the brand and is genuinely surprised by how great the products are.

There is much I can say about this great cosmetics company and the products it has to offer, but I think I’ll hold back for other blog posts! However you can check out the product range on if you’re in the UK. I’m also looking for like-minded girls who love great makeup and skincare and are looking for extremely flexible, very rewarding part-time work – if it sounds like you, get in touch! Connect with me on facebook at

I’ll always first and foremost be a makeup artist, but joining Mary Kay gives me access to brilliant products, training events, networking events and in general support from my fellow consultants. Here’s to another 50, Mary Kay cosmetics.

Have any of you tried Mary Kay products before? What did you think? I welcome any comments or questions.

Thanks for reading, and look out for more makeup blog posts coming up.

Kirstin x



  1. Wenke Zueger · · Reply

    I love your “WHY MARY KAY!!” All the best to you, Wenke

  2. Thanks Wenke – best wishes to you too!

  3. NSD Cindy Williams · · Reply

    Kirsten, I so enjoyed reading your comments about Mary Kay cosmetics. I have faithfully used Mary Kay skin care and color for 31 years!! I believe MARY KAY is the best! The best products and the best career opportunity. I look forward to meeting you and making a new friend. You sound like an amazing young woman.

    1. Cindy I’ve heard great things about you and am also looking forward to meeting you!

  4. Brenda · · Reply

    Mary Kay change my life!! I am from Texas and grew up knowing about the company. I now live and work as a Future Executive Sr Sales Director in Switzerland! I could not be happier !!

  5. Cindy, Brenda – thanks for kind your comments, you’re both such an inspiration to other Mary Kay girls who are new to the company. Hope to meet you both soon! Kirstin x

  6. Nice! I have the same philosophy with clothes and makeup. I’ll buy clothing from Walmart to Bloomingdales depending on if it looks good and I can afford it. The same with makeup. I’ll have everything from drugstore to Bobbi Brown and Benefits. I have Mary Kay as well which I would call in the middle in the same way I would call Macy’s in the middle. For Mary Kay I use the lash/brow growth serum which is working after only 1 week of using it, Mary Kay brow gel, Mary Kay lash primer, all my shimmer eyeshadows which I use for highlighting are Mary Kay, all my blushes are Mary Kay. I am going to try the Mary Kay highlighting powder and try one of the creme to powder foundations for contouring

    1. Glad to hear you love Mary Kay like I do! It’s great to have fab products which aren’t ridiculous prices. I’ve heard a lot of great things about this lash growth serum, shall need to try! Thanks for your kind comment. Kirstin

  7. […] In a recent post, I told of my love for top selling US makeup brand, Mary Kay. Following use of their products in my personal makeup bag and professional makeup kit, I became an Independent Beauty Consultant so that I could ensure that other makeup lovers got to experience the brand and it’s fab products. […]

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