REVIEW: Mary Kay Eyeliner

Hello! Happy New Year!

It was my birthday a few weeks ago and I was given 2 Mary Kay eyeliners much to my delight. I have so far been very impressed with them and wanted to spread the love with a review. I have two shades, Dark Denim, which is almost black but has a blue tone, and Rich Jade, which is a stunning greeny blue colour (this is the one I’ll be reviewing.)

There are certain things I look for in a good eyeliner:

Colour: I want rich colour so that I don’t need to put loads of product on for it to show up
Texture: I want it to glide on!
Last: I want to go on a night out, look in the mirror and for this still to be in place!
Wear-Ability: I look for eyeliners that sit nicely with other products such as eyeshadows, and ones that are blendible, as blending eye makeup is incredibly important to get a great look.

So I always take the above into consideration when reviewing, and so here’s what I think of Mary Kay Eyeliner..

COLOUR: On this occasion, I applied the shade Rich Jade to my eyes. I put it over bricky brown and taupe colours, as I wanted it to stand out. I have to say the colour was very vivid, and really stood out, but without looking cheap and overpowering. I was very impressed. The below pictures I took just after application and you can see how lovely the colour is. As I mentioned I also have Dirty Denim, and the colour of this is great also.


Mary Kay Eyeliner in Rich Jade


TEXTURE: I have to say this is lovely to apply. It’s creamy enough to build well, it’s not chalky or flakey and it’s really easy to apply. It comes in a roll up form, so no need to sharpen either. Whilst for my pro kit I do prefer pencils that sharpen (purely for hygiene reasons) for personal use roll up pencils are absolutely fine.

LAST: I cannot rave about this enough. This product lasts BRILLIANTLY! I figured the only way I could prove this was with photos. I applied my makeup at about 5.30pm, and came home (it was new years day) about 2am and it hadn’t moved. Ok so my eyes aren’t as bright after a few vinos but the product stayed in place so well. This is great as you want something that’ll last. Here’s some photo evidence:


TOP IMAGE: After application BOTTOM IMAGE: Around 8 hours after application

The image at the top was taken just after application, at about 5.30pm. The image at the bottom was taken at 2am the next morning, I hadn’t touched anything. The pictures were taken in different light but you can see quite clearly that it hasn’t slid or creased at all.

WEAR-ABILITY: This product was easy to apply and easy to blend. It worked well with eyeshadow, it glides on, and smudges well, making it perfect for day and evening wear. Crucially it blends without rubbing off, a huge plus point!

So as you might have guessed, the Mary Kay Eyeliner gets thumbs up from me! I’d say definitely one to try. You can get Mary Kay from consultants only, if you’re in the UK, please visit my link below and chat to my own Mary Kay supplier, who will be happy to help with product enquiries.

Have any of you tried any Mary Kay products? What did you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for reading, and all the best for 2013!

My Mary Kay consultant is available online here.


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  1. […] Anyway – at this party I enjoyed trying numerous skincare and makeup products. I was impressed, they offered a great range of high quality products. Amongst them, I particularly loved the Mary Kay liquid concealer – which now has a permanent place in my professional kit as my best ever concealer that hides a multitude of blemishes! I also loved the eyeshadows and highlighters. My other family members, old and young, also loved what the brand had to offer. Now I have to say, Susan whom I’ve since become friends with played a huge part in this – she was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and I could see genuinely loved the products. From that party onwards, I bought and enjoyed using a number of Mary Kay cosmetics products, including one of my favourites – Rich Jade Eyeliner, which I blogged about earlier this year if you’d like to read! […]

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