Five Fabulous Arbonne Products

Earlier this year, I was fortunate enough, at my friend’s wedding, to sit next to a lovely female who got chatting to me about all things makeup and skincare. Having told her I was a makeup artist, she started chatting to me about Arbonne, the Swiss skincare and makeup brand that’s causing a beautiful storm across the world right now (the products even made an appearance in the Oscars goody bags!)

I had heard of Arbonne before, but never in great detail. Me being absolutely makeup mad I was of course curious to get to know more! Aren’t I glad I listened, I’ve found some of my most favourite makeup and skincare products both for me and my kit bag…

Now I will say I was a little skeptical at first, as I always am with new brands. However after one of the Arbonne consultants gave me products home to try for a week, I was suitably impressed with the quality and the effects! I now have a range of ‘must have’ products both in my kit and personal beauty bag that I now couldn’t go without, and I thought, it’s only fair enough to share them with you!

So, this blog post, it’s all about Arbonne, and here are my favourite products from the range!

1. Re9 Facial Cleanser


Bad skin days? They happened to me when I’m stressed, over-worked, and have indulged a little too much on sugary goods and cocktails! Dry patches, red patches, you name em, I’ve had em. This little cleanser is an absolute GEM! Beautifully creamy, it removes makeup, cleanses the face and as a result evens your skin tone and texture. It also has anti-ageing properties too (which is why it went missing and I found it in my Mother’s bathroom, she too is a convert!)

If you’re over 20 and you have combination skin that you like to keep looking fresh, even toned, even texture, then this facewash should be a permanent fixture in your bathroom! Hey, if it’s good enough to be in the Oscar goody bags and good enough for A-Listers, well, it’s good for us!

2. Arbonne Primer


As a makeup artist, I’m always on a primer hunt. This primer turns your face in to a smooth, blank canvas ready for your foundation to blend beautifully on to your skin (and stay there!) They don’t lie when they say it helps to diminish lines and pores. This is a total makeup must have if you ask me. It’s in my pro kit and is used in particular for weddings. Some primers are far too thick and heavy, they don’t sink in and don’t mix with your foundation. Not this one though. It’s easy to blend, light, soft and silky and probably one of the best range primers around!

3. Fc5 Oil Absorbing Lotion


Attention those of you with oily skin! Finding your moisturiser is too thick and oily? Makeup running a little? Too shiny? Been there! This oil absorbing moisturiser goes on my face every day and it’s a total must have. Thick enough to moisturise the dry bits of my skin, light enough to sink in well, and right texture and ingredients to prevent oil and shine, it’s a brilliant product. A few people have mentioned to me that they too love this. There are other products available in the range, this is the only one I’ve tried so far, but it’s fab! I’ve had my bottle now for 6 months. It’s in a pump so it’s very hygenic and means you don’t get germs in product – major bonus! Oh and it smells brilliant and has SPF 20! Hooray!

4. Arbonne Sheer Glow Highlighter


Finish your makeup off by adding this to brow bones and cheek bones to give you a beautiful, soft focus glow. With the iridescent effect of Mac strobe cream and the pretty glow of Benefit’s Girl Meets Pearl, this glowing highlighter is a beauty. I love a fresh faced glow and this helps me give makeup clients exactly that, just a little bit of highlighter and eyes come to life! Ok, so it’s not a necessary product, perhaps more of a luxury, but it’s still one of my fave products from the range. 

5. Brush Set


The brushes. Oh the brushes. The brushes are amazing. They go with me on every job. They are soft, easy to work with, easy to keep clean and VERY good value. £52 for 10 brushes is brilliant, I’ve paid up to £40 for one brush alone. The set includes a number of eyeshadow brushes, three different face powder sizes, a portable lipstick brush and great brow brushes too. Seriously, if you are looking to by brushes for professional or personal use, these are fantastic. They don’t shed, they hold product well, the set covers almost every brush needed (I say this because, if you’re a pro, you will have need for more technical brushes) and also, they come in a beautiful pouch to keep them good. They’d make an ideal treat for you if you’re a makeup lover, or a fabulous gift. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without these brushes in my kit, they are brilliant! So much so I want to buy a set for my personal makeup collection. Fantastic brushes, not really sure what else to say about them!

They are just some of my most loved products, I also adore and use for jobs the foundations, the bronzer is brilliant and the lipsticks are fab too.

Arbonne is currently only available through consultants (I became one, because I order A LOT of stuff, so if you’re in the UK, get me on Facebook and I can tell you how to order online!) They do this to keep product prices competitive rather than paying for expensive retail units (bonus for us!). You may know a consultant, or visit for more information, outside UK it’s

To chat about Arbonne, or for any other makeup chat, you can get me on Facebook,

Thanks for reading x




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    Having been recently introduced to the world of arbonne, I feel compelled to share this as I fully agree.

    1. Kristin if you haven’t tried Arbonne I’d suggest find a consultant in your area and get samples it’s fantastic. Maja thanks for sharing my blog – Arbonne is great – I hope you’ve discovered your favourite products! kx

  2. Must Have Boxes · · Reply

    This sounds like an amazing cosmetics brand!

    – KW

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