Forget diamonds. Makeup brushes are a girls best friend.

They say that diamonds are a girls best friend, but there’s no point in owning all that bling if you don’t have flawless makeup to go with it! Good quality makeup can make a difference, but I’m sure many fellow makeup artists and makeup addicts will agree when I say that the brushes and tools make a huge difference to the final look – so really, makeup brushes are a girls best friend!

Inspired by a fellow makeup lover, who asked me to recommend a blusher brush, I decided this post would be dedicated to brushes that I love!

Now, I should mention, as much as I’d love to have two of everything, I have pricey brushes in my kit for jobs, and spend less on myself unless I can really justify it!

The first brush I love is by Bare Minerals and it’s the full flawless face brush.


Although it’s for use with the mineral make up, it is soft and fluffy and can be used with most powders and bronzers and i use it for that daily. It stays in great condition, gives even coverage and cleans well too. I think if you are after a multi tasking powder brush it’s great – a little big for cheek blusher but great otherwise! I’m so glad I bought it, it came as part of the bare minerals starter kit, you also get a smaller brush and a concealer brush too and both of them are great. It is priced £24 and is available through Debenhams, Bare Minerals boutiques and online. It might seem pricey, but good face brushes you’ll use a lot and it’s worth the value I reckon!

Now on to my absolute MUST HAVE especially if you are a new makeup artist or trainee makeup artist, this is the Tiffany of foundation brushes I reckon! It’s the MAC 187:


This foundation brush boasts both natural and synthetic hair. It is dense at the bottom and sparse at the top. Because of its design, it is impossible to overload the brush, which means you use much less product so the pricey foundation you bought will last much longer! You simply dab it in product and buff your foundation on to the skin. It gives a really flawless finish, and it feels like you are barely wearing makeup. Traditional flat foundation brushes often leave marks of brush strokes and you often need to spend a long time blending – but not with this! You can foundation a face in 2 or 3 minutes and it gives an amazing finish. If you want extra coverage, simply do it a few times. I cannot rave about this brush enough, yes it is £32.50 but it is worth every penny and you’ll never look back. Say goodbye to long foundation applications and uneven finish, this duo fibre brush is a total angel! Get one from Mac counters or online.

FOR BLENDING – it has to be a Mac 217. Ideal for blending creamy products and getting foundation and concealer into sensitive smaller areas like around the nose and eyes, this is a great multi-tasking brush too and well worth checking out.

FOR EYE-LINER – If you haven’t purchased gel eye-liner before (it’s a thicker, easier to work with liquid liner), I suggest you start with Maybeline. It’s around £10 in the UK and it comes with a pretty decent wee application brush too! For those of you willing to spend more, try Mac and Bobbi Brown gel liners they are really long wearing, easy to apply and look great. I personally don’t use liquid liner anymore as I think it is quite harsh looking and a little more difficult to get a nice blend in to the eyelid. If you’re going to do gel liner, Bobbi Brown ultra fine liner brush is my personal favourite. The Maybeline one is ideal though, as Bobbi Brown brushes aren’t cheap and if you don’t use eyeliner all the time perhaps there isn’t a need for you to have it.

Now to the bargains…

Brushes can be expensive and to be honest, if you are using them just on yourself and daily, there are a lot of great brushes out there that do the trick without costing the earth.

About three years ago, I got a Christmas gift of a set of Blush Professional brushes. They came as a set of 7, in a gorgeous pink wrap. Now, I wasn’t expecting much, but boy was I surprised! These brushes are still in fantastic condition. They apply product evenly, they keep well, they are easy to work with and great for a first set of brushes! I use them on myself daily and also got some for my kit because I honestly think the quality is just as good as the expensive brushes. The same set is still available on Amazon for the bargain price of £10!

Whilst I do think that for specific things like foundation and blending brushes you might need to spend a little more, for eyeshadow and blusher brushes you can get amazing quality without the huge cost! I would recommend this set to anyone, and the reviews look good too so I’m not the only one who was pleased! If you’re after great brushes without breaking the bank – look no further!

ImageABOVE: Blush Professional brush set – available on Amazon.

BELOW: The set comes in a lovely pink wrap. Ideal for travel.


So, that’s my run down of some of my must have makeup brushes! Good brushes will make a great difference to your makeup. Remember though to keep them clean! Mac do a great brush cleanser, and Clinique to a brush cleansing spray, this will keep your brushes in great condition so they will last longer – it will also ensure that you don’t end up with germs on your face or in your makeup!

Do you have a favourite brush you can’t live without? Would love to see your comments and if you have any questions, please ask away!

Kirstin x


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